When I turned 40 (I’m now 43), it seemed like my physical health really started to decline. I denied it for about a year thinking it was all in my head because people say when you hit 40, things start going down hill. But after a year, I realized it wasn’t in my head and I had some serious health issues.

One of those health issues included incredibly tight muscles and joints which were symptoms of severe inflammation and characteristic of an auto-immune disease. This prevented me from doing most physical workouts, especially strength training. But if you see me now…it’s a true healing victory!

This wasn’t my first health challenge. I’ve had multiple health challenges in my life where I learned so much about health and healing—not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually! I call how to heal from the inside out, P.E.S.

So I approached this health challenge
P to the E to the S!


  • Did some food & blood testing to see what things were upsetting my body and changed my diet accordingly.
  • Started hot yoga because it warmed up my muscles and joints so I could stretch them out & increase blood flow to them.


  • Evaluated my circumstances, relationships and environment to see what was affirming of my soul story and what was conflicting with my soul story. Made the changes to insure all three areas were predominantly soul story affirming.
  • Gave myself permission to not be okay all of the time which purged emotions that needed to come out because they were causing me not only emotional pain but actual physical pain. Science has proven that we store the stress of emotions and trauma in our physical cells.


  • No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I believe we each exist to live our individual soul story and no one soul story is better than another.
    • Explored my soul story by evaluating what things moved me at a heart level and pursued those things.
    • Spent more time with God through rest, meditation and some very real come to Jesus convos.

After 18 months of implementing these P.E.S. healing steps, I feel better than I ever have in my life. If it worked for me, it can work for you!

Message me below if you have questions or desire a wing man for your healing journey!