Who is sick of spending half of their Sunday’s doing meal prep for the week?

I know I was, which is why I had to come up with a more efficient way to prepare the healthy, allergy sensitive food my body needed without compromising taste, nutrition and too much of my precious time. And from here the SupawesomeLife Cooking System (SLCS) was born.

The SupawesomeLife Cooking System is an universal cooking system that allows you to make 30 healthy meals in just 3 hours (of course you can use the system to make more or fewer meals). SLCS can be used with any food plan or diet (Gluten-free, The Whole 30, food allergies, ketogenic, Archetype, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, 131 Method, etc.) so not only does it save you time, but it’s super flexible.

The simplicity of SLCS is always having a refrigerator full of healthy, organic veggies, grains and proteins available to mix and match for whatever flavor profile you’re in the mood for. This is my idea of food happiness and food freedom! ⠀⠀

Going to your fridge and finding healthy delicious non-processed food is possible and sustainable.

You can have a refrigerator like this too, it’s just a matter of shifting your mindset. Stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I can!”⠀⠀

So let’s start with the basics of why it’s so important to have a refrigerator full of healthy food.

What are you having for your next meal? Is it something that will give you energy and fuel for the rest of the day or make you want to nap? Is it something that will feed your cells or starve your cells? Is it something that will feed your brain so you can create, think or solve problems? Is it something that will balance your hormones or shoot them into orbit leaving you irrationally emotional?⠀

Yes, food is that powerful and can make you feel great and not so great. You and your body can and are worthy of feeling amazing. I used to think that it required a lot of work to eat food that made me feel fantastic, and it did, until I came up with SLCS that allows you to make healthy food from scratch in an incredibly efficient manner.⠀

Having a refrigerator full of healthy foods helps us make good food decisions
Sample of SLCS meal prep for the week

Sample of SLCS meal prep for the week

When we are fully rested, we usually feel like we can take on any challenge, we have unlimited willpower, we can do darn near anything! And then we get tired, worn out, feel defeated and low in energy. ⠀

We all have the best intentions when it comes to finding and staying on a food plan. The dangerous time is when we get to that low energy state or have a lack of time and we have to make choices in our food that are in conflict with the plan we wanted to stay on.⠀

SLCS insures you have healthy food available to you for these low blood sugar, low energy moments 0r when you’re too darn busy to cook! Plus, SLCS frees up bandwidth in your life so you don’t have make compromises on your food plan.⠀

SLCS is mobile!

One of the most valuable benefits of the Supawesome Cooking System is that you can take your food with you…to school, the office, road trips and even on the airplane (what what?). That’s right. SLCS is mobile!

SLCS on the go!

SLCS on the go!

Since SLCS has been so transformational in our health and our lives, we want it to be available to everyone. Therefore, we’re offering the plan to you for free. Check out the SL Cooking System section of our web site.