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Each one of us has a story to tell and someone needs to hear your story for encouragement, perspective or so they know they’re not alone.

Or maybe you’re not ready to share your story yet. Get inspired by the stories of your fellow SupawesomeLifers below. We believe their courage, persistence, truth, authenticity and rawness will encourage you to live your soul story and maybe even share it with us someday.

“What brought me to where I am today…”

“I’m grateful for SupawesomeLife because essentially it’s what brought me to where I am today, which is living in Colorado with my amazing girlfriend and our two dogs. I had felt for some time that I needed to make a big change, but little did I know it would be selling my house and moving from Seattle to Parker.

We can get so wrapped up in the day to day grind that we become like zombies or programmed robots. We’re surviving but not fully awake, breathing but not truly living. Routine is not a bad thing until it prevents you from seeing life’s opportunities.

Sometimes people see something inside of you before you’re able to see it yourself. Sometimes it takes someone telling you how much they believe in you before you can start truly believing in yourself. And that’s exactly what the SupawesomeLife community does. With the support and encouragement of this community you will have the strength, motivation, and mindset to make the decisions and changes in your life that you otherwise wouldn’t have made. These changes put you on the path of breaking out of your comfort zone, becoming brave, and living a life where you feel free!”

– Aaron
“Living the life I was uniquely made for has really just begun…”

“There was a time in my life where I felt stuck, hopeless, alone and afraid. I was frustrated with recurring health issues, weighed down with emotional baggage, my belief system about myself and my spirituality was deconstructing, and it literally felt like my world as I knew it was crumbling down around me, burying me alive. With the help, support, encouragement and wisdom from Amber, not only did I have the safe space to discover my true self, but the strength and courage to actually start living my truth.

I have come far in a short amount of time and I know that living the life I was uniquely made for has really just begun. I am beyond words grateful for my physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey and for the person I am today. Amber has been a gift and blessing in my life in more ways than I could ever express. Because of her heart and passion to help people, SupawesomeLife was born and now through this platform you get to receive the same gift I was given…and trust me, it’s priceless.”

– Kristin
Peggy in orange circle
“To say that I’m grateful for this time in my life … is an understatement….”

“As I approached a recent milestone Birthday, I realized the heavy weight of my resistance to turning that number was mostly due to what I’ve experienced in the 50 years now in my rear view mirror. How I’ve lived my life, who I lived life for and how I got lost in all of it. I wanted desperately to find a new way to live, to find joy in a multitude of ways and to live my next half century with a different purpose by putting me first.

I’ve endured incredible childhood trauma and constant drama within my immediate family over the years that’s been so overwhelmingly toxic it was literally killing part of soul. My father was sentenced to prison when I was in my late thirties. When I learned what this person so close to me was capable of, my life shattered – the pedestal I had this person on broke into a million pieces. How could I recover from this betrayal, how could I live my best life when I was so devastated by his life choices?

I realized that if I was going to make my life better, it was time to disassociate myself from those toxic relationships and kick that group storm to outer space, as far away from me as possible. By finally making this change I have more joy in my life and I see people differently, I listen much more intently & because of the lessons learned by surviving the first 50 years of my life, I can offer helpful advice when the opportunity arises.

As I began the journey to this new way of living my life I began searching for answers to help me recover from past traumas. That is when I discovered SupawesomeLife through my Son and his Lady love who were already living their lives in the best way possible by embracing SupawesomeLife principles and methods. I found myself gravitating towards them more. Listening, paying attention and witnessing the joy in their lives, the way they smiled in pictures, the confidence in their stance & the statements made without saying a word. I craved to integrate that lifestyle into my own life.

I wanted all of that & more!

Now, with having the SupawesomeLife team in my corner, I feel I can live my own story and my own truth. My life is no longer defined by my past experiences or by heartless toxic family members. Now, I define who I am today and how I will live from here forward. I choose to surround myself with positive people who support me and unconditionally love me with no strings attached. I choose to live a joyful life.

To say that I’m grateful for this time in my life to conquer & grow in my journey of heart healthy healing is an understatement. It literally moves me to tears, not heartache but joy. It’s never to late to make this kind of decision, once you have faith in yourself all things are possible, no matter how long they take or how hard it is at times to work through.

Amber is precious, she has a gift & encouraging her to continue what she’s doing comes easy to me. I thank you for your dedication, your drive, your unconditional love and for sharing your heart, because literally your heart is helping mine heal. That kind of love is priceless!

Open your mind and feel the joy – I promise this way of life will feed your soul”

– Peggy

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