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Make 30 Healthy Meals from scratch
In Just 3 Man Hours!

It seems like every time Amber and Edj share the SupawesomeLife® Cooking System (SLCS) with people, they discover more benefits of the system. At the top of the benefits list is time savings, cost effectiveness, increase in well-being, taste and food variety, lifestyle flexibility and food usage efficiency. As a matter of fact, they have refined SLCS’s efficiencies so much so that the system can produce 30 healthy meals from scratch in just 3 man hours.

The SLCS time savings alone allows people to fall in love with life again because they physically feel better and have an increased capacity to explore and do the things that fuels their soul.

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“Single and not motivated to cook for myself…

That’s not how I’d start a dating site profile :-), but that’s how I started with the SupawesomeLife Cooking System. I had no organization around what or when I ate and it showed in my monthly food bill and at my waistline. After 3 weeks using the system, I was surprised to notice that I hadn’t eaten at a restaurant or picked up prepared food at a grocery deli the entire time.

Additionally, I’ve had no cravings for snacks, my energy level has been strong and stable, and I’ve slowly, but steadily lost weight. What keeps me on the system is the ease of food preparation and the tasty meals I make!”

– Steve
Park City, UT

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We created the SupawesomeLife® Cooking System (SCLS) to help everyone achieve their personal wellness goals. We’re so passionate about people feeling physically great and having time to do the things they love that we’re sharing the system with you for free.

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Looking for more details on how to implement the SupawesomeLife® Cooking System (SLCS) into your life? How about a complete SLCS video tutorial and tool kit including ingredient, kitchen tools, spice combination and meal combination lists?

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Prefer a more personalized approach to implementing SupawesomeLife® Cooking System (SCLS) into your lifestyle? We can help. Let us develop a complete SLCS program that caters to you (and even your entire household’s) personal eating preferences.

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