By now you’ve probably figured out that I loooovve food in bowls. I picked up that habit growing up in Hawaii because everyone eats their food in bowls there.

Who would have thought it would become such a popular trend in the current nutritional wellness movement?

But as you have already probably figured out, bowls are an incredible way to construct a well balanced, personalized and nutritious meal. Here are some of my favorite benefits of bowls…maybe you can relate?

1)  They’re an incredibly great way to hide healthy ingredients you may not love to eat.

2) You can take a bunch of random ingredients, throw them in a bowl, sauce them and it will taste good.

3) You can season the bowl anyway you want just by adding spices and healthy oil–no recipe necessary. Yesssss!

4) They are super quick to assemble so they make for a fast and fresh meal.

Since I am a little passionate about bowl making, I actually came up with a cooking system to make 30 bowls in 3 hours!

For more information on it,
Go to the SL Cooking System section of our website!