If you lost everything—your career, your relationship, your material possessions, your health—tomorrow, would you know who you are? What would be your identity?

Okay, so I know that’s a heavy thought most of us don’t want to think or even have the capacity to comprehend. And honestly I probably wouldn’t have thought of this if I had’t gone through it. But nothing we go through is wasted and the struggle often makes us stronger, and if we’re willing, much more perceptive about what’s really important to us and our true definition of success.

Additionally, if you take the time to seek your answers to these BIG life questions, then if one of these scenarios does happen you will be ready for it. If you don’t seek answers now, then when one of these inevitable life circumstances happens, you will have the opportunity to determine your true identity…albeit under slightly more stressful circumstances. The good news is that as long a you’re willing to seek the answer—no matter the circumstances—you will find it.

As I mentioned, I have lost each of the above things at one point or another in my life. And during those losses, sometimes I knew my true identity and other times I had to seek it. But it was all worth it because now I live my soul story every day and continue to seek a deeper version of it in this journey called life. It’s in this space where I find my greatest joy, peace, contentment and freedom. Sound appealing? Then let’s help you discover your path of success aka your soul story.

Here are some honest questions to ask yourself to help you unveil pieces of your soul story—the life you are uniquely made for:

Career or Work Success

What drives you to get out of bed every day and work?

  1. Fear of ________
  2. Make money for external or identity validation
  3. Make sure you and your loved ones are provided for
  4. Passionate at your core about what you’re doing

Relationship Success

What drives you to be in relationships?

  1. Fear of being alone
  2. Focus on others so you don’t have to focus on yourself
  3. Companionship, someone to do things with
  4. Being with someone who pulls you forward in your soul story

Health Success

What drives you to be healthy?

  1. Fear of being sick
  2. Maintain a particular physical image for external validation
  3. Remedy physical ailments
  4. Live a long, fit and enjoyable life free from physical pain and sickness

All of the above answers are in order from least to greatest soul story drivers. So if you answered with a bunch of 1’s then you have lots of opportunity to explore your true soul story. If you answered with a bunch of 4’s you are well on your way to living your soul story on a regular basis. There is no judgment on where you are, but if you desire to live a more fulfilling life, you will want to make some adjustments to move toward the greatest soul story driver in each of these areas—work/career, relationships, success.

Hope you come along for the ride—living the your soul story is a good one!