When you desire more in life,
you will find more.

I believe sometimes we think soul searching is this arduous, unattainable process that’s too much work and too big so we ignore it all together.

It’s actually quite the opposite. When you yearn to hear, act and live from your heart, you automatically activate your soul story. Yes, I said automatically which means zero effort. The only thing you have to do is desire it in your heart. And then from that simple act of desire, the snowball of your soul story begins…all you have to do is listen to the voice of your heart!

As you listen to your heart you start to see your life transform. Another scary word. Some of us are scared of the word transform because it sounds painful, miserable and downright uncomfortable! We are right there with you.

But what if all transforming meant is just returning back to your authentic self. It’s more of a homecoming to your true self than a departure from your masked self.

You see, who you are in your core, in your heart, never changes! You are always you. It’s the words people say to us, we say to ourselves, and the experiences we have that build a wall around our heart. And that wall can be so thick and so high our true self can’t shine through. So all we have to do is tear down that wall…or for some, chip away at the wall until we’re home again. And that’s something we believe you all can do!

Why soul searching is your superpower

The reason soul searching is your superpower is because when you operate from your soul—your unique DNA, gifts, and talents—you operate from your greatest strengths, which is your greatest success guarantee. So often when we’re seeking success we look too much to what others are doing and lose ourself in the process.

There is only one you, and the world needs to know you.

Because you are…

Start spending more time getting to know yourself, your truest self. It might mean you need to spend a little more time alone, or spend less time looking to or emulating others. It’s amazing how much being around other people influences who we are. Often times it’s the people closest to us, who want nothing but the best for us, who’ve influenced who we are the most. We’ve even made decisions in our life because we put more trust in people’s opinions of us then trusting ourselves. We’ve all done it…but we don’t have to live with those decisions the rest of our lives. As you re-acquaint yourself, with yourself, you will see how you can make new decisions more aligned with your authentic self.

And we’re here to help! Ask us any questions below or just message us if you want a pep talk!