Despite the many fears I have faced and overcome—like the fear of rejection, the fear of being me, the fear of loving trusted people when trusted people have hurt me—I still don’t love heights but just like my other fears, I don’t let the fear stop me from becoming the person I was uniquely made for…from living my SupawesomeLife.

Fear is a powerful thing. BUT, love is even more powerful. So choose love, right? Easier said than done. Sure, we can all make a decision in our mind to love but that’s still a decision we have to manage. However, when our heart chooses to love then loving is effortless and in it’s purest form. From this place is where we find our greatest ability to love…and be loved!

So how do we love from our
heart instead of our head?

By healing your heart.

And you heal your heart by letting all of the things that have broken your heart come out. In other words, give yourself permission to feel. To feel all of those moments that broke your heart. Feel all of those emotions you denied or you stuffed back down hoping they would go away. Most of us have become very good at avoiding those painful emotions: rejection, distrust, disappointment, heartbreak, loneliness and many more. And why wouldn’t we? Who wants to constantly feel those painful emotions?

So we store them away…often in our physical body…hoping that if we ignore them they will just go away. But the truth is that the more we ignore them, the more energy they consume and the more havoc they wreak on us physically and emotionally. So it’s time to clean house and get rid of those toxic emotions and false beliefs about yourself. I guess you could call it becoming a negative emotion minimalist.

Me and my BFF, Kristin like to refer to this process as “the purge”

Don’t worry, your heart knows what’s up. It won’t make you purge everything all at once. It will start with the easy emotions and then when you’re ready for the next purge level it will guide you there…and through it. All you have to do is surrender to the purge. And while you’re purging, don’t judge yourself for anything you feel about yourself or others. The best part is, on the other side of your purge is most likely the greatest peace, joy and love you have ever felt in your life. It’s a freedom that is indescribable and unimaginable.

For the past four years, I have been fortunate to have my BFF by my side to support me through my purge. Many years before that I had to do it myself…and there was a time and place for that. However, I now know that we’re in each other’s life to support each other in becoming the person we were made to be. And I will be forever grateful for her…which is why it’s my turn to return the favor.

If you need someone to be here for you through your purge or purges, I am here. I am here for you—to love and accept you, exactly where you are and help your heart heal so you can experience the freedom I feel from my purges.

It’s truly priceless!