Your heart may say “Yes”, but your head might say “No”. How can the two most powerful forces in your body be in such conflict with each other?

The answer is simple…because at some point in your life, you were rejected by someone you loved or needed love from. And at that very moment your mind recorded that experience. Since the mind is designed to learn from every experience, it may have taken that experience of love rejection and categorized it as a truth about you and your worthiness to be loved. And if you’ve experienced love rejection more than once then each time it happened your mind gathered evidence that you are not worthy to be loved or that being loved is harmful. So the very thing designed to protect you…your mind…actually can end up keeping you from the most powerful force in the world…love. That’s why it’s so important to listen and follow your heart because it knows the truth about who you are.

If this resonates with you, know you are not alone. We have all been rejected by love at some level so each of us questions our worthiness of love. It wasn’t until this last year where I really believed in my heart I was worthy of love at the deepest level. Once I accepted my worthiness of love, I was able to accept love from all of the people around me who loved me like this amazing man.

You see their love for me has always been there but my false beliefs of being unworthy of love prevented me from receiving their love. So if you’re ready to shed those love rejection scars then read further…

If we’re aware of our love rejection experiences,
then how do we overcome them so they don’t rule our life?

There are so many effective ways to heal from past pain and rejection, but one of the best ways I have found that works for me is active meditation. Active meditation creates fuel and energy in the body, mind, and soul, so that the body, mind and soul can heal.

When we experienced our love rejection, the trauma and pain monopolized all of our energy so we most likely didn’t have enough energy to heal completely from the trauma and it left a scar. Active meditation generates enough energy to heal those scars so they no longer influence your feelings, thoughts and decisions. It’s a level of freedom you’ve probably not experienced since the trauma or love rejection. With this new level of freedom comes an incredible peace and an increased capacity to love yourself and others. It makes the slight discomfort of healing those scars worth it!

Of course there are other methods of healing love scars so it’s all about finding what works for you. However, I have tried a number of healing modalities and found active meditation to be the most powerful and transformational—in the shortest amount of time.

If you take only one thing from this post take this:
You are worthy of love… Period.
There is NOTHING you can do to disqualify you from love.