We were made for emotional intimacy.

How do I know this? Because we crave connection with others. Don’t believe me? Then try to go 48 hours without a single interaction with a human on social media, the internet, your phone, in-person, or even via watching TV. If you make it 48 hours, you will most likely find it incredibly isolating and perhaps even depressing.

Of course, there are people who have been so hurt by other people that not having social interaction is actually more stabilizing for them then having social interaction. But guess what? Those people need emotional intimacy too, but first, they need to heal from the pain others have caused them. To do that, check out my post Do your relationships bring you joy or pain?

If we don’t practice emotional intimacy in our life then like everything else it slowly slips away. And when we don’t have emotional intimacy, we find ourselves feeling disconnected, alone and even unloved. And from this point, depression can settle in.

Here at SupawesomeLife, we believe one of the best ways to receive what you want is to give it away to others first. So if you’re feeling disconnected, alone or unloved then dig deep and take the first step to be emotionally intimate with a trusted person.

How do you do that?

By sharing something special and personal with that trusted person. We know it might be scary to open your heart up to potential judgement or rejection…but ironically, the opposite usually happens. That’s right, when you’re vulnerable with a trusted person, then they’re touched, honored and often receive your vulnerability as an expression of love towards them. And guess what? In time, when they’re ready, they return an emotionally intimate expression back to you. And then you return emotional intimacy to them, and then them to you, and it just snowballs from there.

You will most likely find this mutual exchange of emotional intimacy will lead you to a deep connection and love for each other. Having the ability to be emotionally intimate with people will create more joy, peace and fulfillment in all of your relationships: family, friendships, spousal, community and workplace.

There is the occasional chance where you express emotional intimacy with someone who is incapable returning it or uses it against you. That’s not your fault and you shouldn’t take their response personal. They probably just have some unresolved pain they need to work through before they can be emotionally intimate, but don’t give up!

Keep expressing emotional intimacy with people you think you can trust and start small. Don’t share your deepest feelings with someone you’re not sure you can trust yet. Trust takes time to build, but with being emotionally intimate with someone, you can build solid trust much faster. Be patient with the process.

I know this is a bit scary so feel free to comment below if you want a pep talk before you engage in emotional intimacy or if you have any questions. You can do this!