Is it about the amount of weight or how well you execute the lift?

I see a lot (I mean A LOT) of guys in the gym that insist on doing a heavy weight with terrible form. They see it as they are getting a great workout because they are using a lot of weight. Is it hard for them to feel less productive, less “manly”, or appear weak by doing weights they can actually control?

Not only are they going to get hurt, but they are hindering their actual progress

They would be better off using a weight they can control, getting stronger and then gradually increasing the resistance as they can safely handle it. However, that is not how we are programmed by society. We are always pushed to go big, do more, get more at any cost. Even to the point of “cheating” the weights up (small range of motion or using momentum) or sidestepping basic safety.

Now onto my usual life metaphor on this

I would often get crushed by the amount of “weight” I would take on in my life thinking that I could handle it. I thought if I said “no” or admitted that I couldn’t take on more that I would appear weak or unable to keep up. I’m not talking about pushing myself to find my limits, I mean that I was pushing well beyond my limits and taking on crushing loads both personally and professionally without admitting I was struggling.

This was detrimental to my long-term growth and was definitely out of my safety zone. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had brain fog during the day, I felt like every decision I made was out of alignment. This state was far less productive than admitting my limits.

Being able to admit when you are at your limit is so important as I have come to discover. In my personal life, I found support from friends and family like never before. In my professional life, I am more productive and putting out the best quality work I have ever produced. Additionally, I am less stressed, I actually sleep well now and my decisions are in the flow with my projects.

Of course, when I see these guys at the gym, I try to help them when they are open and willing to accept help. I will offer to spot them with the weight and see if they are open for feedback.

SupawesomeLife has been created to help “spot”  people in their lives

A partner that can be trusted and help recognize when the weight might become unsafe and to also congratulate them when they make the tough decisions.

So the question for you is: Do you load the bar heavy (take on too much) and hope to not get crushed or are you working for long term gains and growth?